Breast Actives Review

breast-actives-productsFuller breasts are a sign of feminine beauty. So it is not wrong for a woman to want bigger breasts. For some women, the breasts never grow to full size. This lack of growth can be due to many issues, like a vitamin deficiency or hormonal imbalance. Breast development occurs during the puberty stage, which typically starts between the ages of 8 to 13 and continues from 2 to 6 years.

Estrogen, Prolactin, and progesterone are the hormones associated with female growth, particularly the breast and the increase of vaginal hair. Not all breasts will develop in the same way, as nutrition and lifestyle choices will play a key role here. Skinny girls will particularly have a hard time in developing a bigger bust size.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are maturing women who complain of sagging breasts in old age which makes them lose appeal. Though techniques like Botox and fillers are available in the market, most women would prefer to opt for natural enhancement methods, especially those with minimum or zero side effects. Breast implants are typically more costly, and the procedures involved have certain side effects and risks associated as well. These reasons are why many health professionals advise against it, in spite of common operations done on celebrities to enhance breasts.

‘Breast Actives’ is a three step program which is designed keeping these things in mind. This program is a mixture of both natural ingredients, and some suggested exercises. However, it is all worth it in the end if it gives firmer and younger looking breasts, without the hassle of undergoing surgery or consuming harmful chemicals. Take a look at the before and after photos to see examples of how it works. The three step program comprises a pill, cream, and an exercise plan.

Breast Actives Supplement

breast actives-supplement-ingredients

The pill or supplement contains the following ingredients:

The dandelion root which has often been used in herbal applications for women’s breast enhancement. Mothers with newborn babies who are having trouble with lactation also use it.

Blessed thistle root which is considered a cure-all; it is beneficial for lactation, curing hormonal imbalance, and for general female problems; however, don’t use it during pregnancy!

Fennel seeds and Fenugreek seed extracts, which are yet more herbs popularly linked with breast enhancement and overall curviness.

Watercress leaf: though it is not directly related to breast enhancement, it’s used for blood purification. And Detoxifying the blood is essential for growth.

Dong Quai root: This is a gynecological regulator, which regulates both high and low levels of estrogen in the body, and thus balances the body to increase feminine appeal.

L-tyrosine is an amino acid used to make proteins. Naturally, protein synthesis is necessary for all parts of body growth for overall tissue formation, and for the formation of breast tissues and muscles as well.

Kelp is a seaweed that regulates the thyroid gland, which is closely related to growth.

Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant used for muscle strength and as an anti-aging component for skin.

The ingredients look promising, as they contain a dietary form of estrogen to naturally develop breasts, which is why there are no side effects. Also, the pill will work through other components which are not directly related to breasts but are vital for hormonal balance and purification of blood, which is again crucial for the overall healthy growth of the individual.

This pill is to be taken once daily before or after your first meal of the day.

Breast Actives Cream

Breast-Actives-CreamThe breast actives cream includes the following ingredients:

Fenugreek and Saw Palmetto extracts which are very famous for female problems, and used extensively as an herbal remedy for seductive body and feminine virtues, particularly firmer breasts.

Wild Yam Extract: The roots of this plant contain the plant-derived version of the hormone estrogen, and are known as one of the world’s best sources of phytohormones. According to studies it has been showed to balance the reproductive hormone and produce enzymes related to breast growth. It is known to have a mild diuretic effect as well which can be a side effect.

Red clover and Pueraria Mirifica extracts are again good for menopausal symptoms and breast suppleness.

Avena Sativa is a herb that is good for growth. For example, it is used for hair growth in hair tonics and enlargement as well.

Almond oil and chamomile extract are again typically used for hair growth and to nourish the skin.

Vitamins E and A: these are beneficial in the utilization of protein and hence support rapid growth.

For optimal results, this breast enhancement cream should be applied after a shower as it opens the pores and should be massaged well on the breasts. You can massage the breast area as well because it stimulates lymphatic flow, which has an overall positive effect on breast shape. Oxytocin is released which detoxifies the tissues, resulting in toner and healthier body and breasts.


Exercise Plan

The exercise plan includes a combination of a recommended diet, massage, as well as chest exercises that will keep the breasts firm. It takes only about a few minutes a day you shouldn’t skip it.

How To Use Breast Actives

It is advised to use the product for at least 3-6 months to see results. This timeline is based on average data. However, some women have even reported seeing results after a month or a month and a half. However, prolonged and persistent usage will ensure optimal results and after that one can discontinue the package if they like.

The website claims that the ingredients work through aiding cell multiplication, providing relief from premenstrual symptoms, easing digestion, lowering the cholesterol levels, and improving the appearance of hair, skin, and nails as well. So the regular user should start seeing other benefits as well apart from breast enhancement as well.


Side Effects of Breast Actives

Being an organic and naturally derived product, the manufacturers claim that there are no side effects. However, because the ingredients have a lot to do with female hormones, pregnant women should seek medical advice before consuming the products. The same applies to women who are already undergoing hormonal imbalance and taking medications for that. Young women in their developmental stages and breastfeeding women should also seek medical advice first.


The product has received positive reviews. Many women have reported seeing real changes and improvements to the breast size. Women reported increased happiness due to high confidence and self-esteem levels. The manufacturers are so confident of their product that they have provided a 90-day money back guarantee. However, this does not apply to opened bottles. You would need to return the products is an unused condition, and you can only purchase it online.

Moreover, this product has not just been beneficial for enhancement purposes, but also to reduce sag. Women whose breasts expand during breastfeeding period and then return to the previous shape complain of the sag. But this product also helps in giving firmness and roundness to the breasts. Testimonials from models also support the touted benefits and results. The official website claims up to 81% enlargement and 88% lifting effects.

The number one reason which sets this product aside from others in the market is the 100% use of natural ingredients. Women have been typically resistant of pursuing breast enlargement treatments because of the associated risks, but with Breast Actives, one can be sure that there will be no side effects due to the harmful chemicals used to enhance breasts.

The website also advises on foods that should be included in the diet to increase bust size. These include rice, wheat, plums, apples, fennel seeds and garlic.

Breast Actives Price – Where to Buy

You can only purchase this product through the official website of Breast Actives.

The one month package is available for a price of $60, which includes one bottle of the pills and one cream each, as well as the exercise regimen. On getting two months’ supplies, the third package is free, which reduces the price per package to $40 only.

If you are looking to buy long term, you can go for the 5-month package. You have to purchase three months’ supplies, while the remaining two will be free. This reduces the price per package to $36 each.

Prospective customers should further note that for the promotion offers there is no shipping fee. However, if you order just the one month trial pack, the shipping fee of $7 will be included, which increases the price to $66.90.

Another important thing to note over here is that the one month package is part of the automatic shipping program, which means that after one month, the customer’s debit or credit will be charged automatically for an amount of $40 and the product will be delivered until the customer cancels the order before the one month is over. To cancel the order, you can reach the official suppliers at this number: (818) 303 9260.